Friday Favorites

Friday favorites.png Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you had a killer week and are ready for the weekend – I know I am. I've been having a chaotic week, but wanted to share some of my favorite things as of late:

Saint Frank Coffee: I started the week off with a vengeance – Spin class at 7 a.m. Unfortunately it was canceled, but fortunately, I headed over to Saint Frank for an almond milk latte and some quiet. It was the perfect way to start the week.

ShampYou: I'm always on the hunt for shampoo that smells amazing and is actually good for your hair. Luckily, I found success in ShampYou's Lemon & Verbena Shampoo. The shampoo contains Natural Silk Amino Acids which penetrate deep into the hair cuticle to quench and caress forming a protective protein shield for my hair – if you saw my Instagram yesterday, you'll say "YES AIMEE. YOU NEED THIS." No lie. I've also been adding a few serums into my hair (new for me!) and my faves are Gimme More Moisture and Turn Up The Volume. Annnnd, the packaging is oh so cute!

Olly Gummies: I was introduced to this brand only a few days ago, but am officially obsessed! I have trouble sleeping sometimes, so I took the Restful Sleep gummies for a healthy sleep cycle. I went to bed within the next twenty minutes and woke up feeling refreshed (not groggy!). Pretty amazing.

Clothe Ohio: For obvious reasons, I love reppin' my homestate. Especially when the sweatshirts and T-shirts are well designed, well-made, and crazy comfy! My favorite is this camo sweatshirt!

Corridor: I had the opportunity to check out this new restaurant on Van Ness last week and I was super impressed. I feel like there's a pretty big lack of restaurants on Van Ness, so I was eager to check this place out! You order at the front counter, but ordering at the front counter is not like ordering at In-n-Out. Upon entering, you are graciously walked through all the menu options. If you have questions, don't fret – they are more than happy to help. I started off with a crisp Pilsner and a tomato and burrata salad to tide my hunger pangs. Ittai and I scarfed down those and added monkey bread to the mix. Seriously – it was one of the highlights of the meal. SO SO good. I'll be sharing more about this place in the next few weeks, but until then – you gotta go!

Have a great weekend!