IMG_9016IMG_9025IMG_9029IMG_9031IMG_9036IMG_9046IMG_9051IMG_9053IMG_9072 Purse & Sweatshirt: Le Tote | Jeans: Uniqlo | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Converse

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! Hope you're having a great day! You know the saying, "Variety is the spice of life" right? Well, I 100% believe it. From my food to my commute to work, I love switching it up and trying new things out. This especially goes for my fashion.

Luckily for Le Tote, I don't have to stress when it comes to spicing my wardrobe up. The company's saying is, "Always have something new to wear" and if you've tried Le Tote before, you know it's true.

I love the ability to curate pieces I love. From this badass sweatshirt that's uber cozy to this functional and fashionable purse, Le Tote has an insane selection of clothing and accessories. And for being a "fashion/lifestyle" blogger, I run out of clothing to shoot and this girl does not have a unlimited budget to buy clothing. Ya feel me? So Le Tote makes it easy to feel confident, look like a badass and not go broke.

So, are you falling in love yet? I knew it. If you're interested in taking this relationship one step further, enter the code OHIOTRANSPLANT at checkout for a 20% discount off of your Le Tote! The code expires 8/31, so make sure you sign up before then!


Photography via Lisha Wang