Wine For Any Time – Flavor and Food Profile with AVA Grace


This post was sponsored by AVA Grace Vineyards

Only since being in San Francisco, is when I started to drink wine – shocking, I know. Maybe it’s just graduating to be an “adult” (or over 21) or maybe it’s just being a quick drive away from wine country.

Whatever it is, I’ve really fallen in love with buying and trying new wines over the past few years.

That being said, I’ve found a new wine to love and not only is every sip oh so delicious, but it’s pretty to look at, too! A win/win in my book.

So with my newfound love of wine, I have just one question left to explore – red or white? Honestly, this is a question that has plagued me for some time. What should I order? And when? And with what!?

Maybe my neuroses are taking over, but these are things I think about. So, for all of you who wondered red or white and with what, I’m here to give you the lowdown:


White Wine:

I don’t know about y’all, but is there anything better than a glass of  white wine on a hot summer day? No, there isn’t. Nothing. It’s always refreshing, a bit cool, and not too heavy. I’m personally a huge fan of AVA Grace Vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc that’s bright, vibrant and fruit-forward.

If you’re a fan of Sauvy B (as I like to call it), pair it with a lighter fish (think mahi mahi), fresh veggies and cheese!

Another white wine that I’ve been obsessed with as of late is Pinot Grigio. Since this wine is on the lighter side, pair with equally as light dishes. I’m thinking a seafood medley – maybe some shrimp sautéed in a vinaigrette? Remind me to make my boyfriend make that. :)


Red Wine:

I love red wine – always have! And to me, there’s nothing more satisfying than a glass of red wine and a burger. Or steak. Or really anything for that matter. For a full-bodied red, pair with something a little heartier – like beef or lamb.

And for a girl who can’t make up her mind, the Red Blend from AVA Grace Vineyards (with its notes of berries and spice) is a great go-to for drinking by itself or with a dish like mushrooms and polenta or goat cheese pizza.

And if a general Red Blend isn’t your thing, a Merlot is the perfect way to have a red that’s smooth & soft. Pair Merlot with a burger (yesss!) or cut of steak to balance the fruity flavors of the wine (cherry, plum and blueberry) with something a bit more hearty.

This post was sponsored by AVA Grace and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with The Ohio Transplant!