Seeing Spots

T-Shirt: Fite | Overalls: TopShop via Nordstrom (sold out but love these!) | Shoes: Sutro Footwear

You know the types of items that seem so absurd and funky and think “I could never wear THAT.”

That was 100% the case with these overalls. I had some free time before a flight and decided to go to Nordstrom because that’s just what one does when they’re in Seattle.

As I was wondering the different areas, I stumbled upon these from Topshop and at first was kind of weirded out. They looked VERY cow-ish and incredibly difficult to pull off. I pondered for a bit and then left to find other way more easy-to-wear pieces.

After I didn’t find anything, I went back to the overalls and thought to myself, “What if I actually bought these bad boys?” as well as “what the hell do you wear it with?”

Well, I think I figured it out and I’m REALLY happy I did because damn, they’re fun. And if you’re not having fun with your clothing, well, what’s the damn point?

Photography via Kristen Marie