Hug It Out

Jacket: J.Crew via eBay (similar) | Pants: Everlane | Shirt: WCC x People I’ve Loved | Shoes: Vans

If we’re being honest, I’m more than a little obsessed with my dog Bolt. And since it’s almost the holidays, I’m going do a little post on why being a dog mom is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things ever!

My life before Bolt was awesome, yes, but getting Bolt and seeing him grow has been the coolest thing ever. And now, almost a year later - I can’t image our lives without him.

With Bolt, me and Tom have really had to prioritize and change our routines. We’re no longer sleeping in till 7:30 a.m. but rather, waking up earlier and taking him out to use the restroom. A plus side to this is that I’m starting the day on an active(ish) note and getting some fresh air.

Another thing Bolt taught me is to be more responsible (with my energy, my time, and with everything). Being in charge of something is important, but when they rely on you to use the bathroom, eat, drink, etc? Well, it definitely made an impact.

And lastly, by having Bolt I’ve stopped putting so much pressure on things always being “clean/perfect/or right” because more often than not, they won’t be. Before I’d try and vacuum all of his dog hair around the house or pick up all of his toys. Now, I’ve let loose a little bit more and realize that now matter how many times I sweep, Bolt sheds like crazy and there will always be a little bit of dog hair somewhere.

It’s all about balance, right? If y’all are some dog parents, what are the things you’ve learned?

Photography via Kristen Marie