Black Friday Favorites – Macy's


I used to be SUPER into Black Friday deals earlier in my twenties. As I got older though, it almost felt a little overwhelming. There were SO many options, places to shop, deals to unlock and so on and so forth.

So, in order to curb my Black Friday anxiety, I’ve made it a point to only shop at a few select places. And one of those? Macy’s.

Little fact: I used to work at Macy’s when I first moved to San Francisco. I was in their Executive Development program and even worked Black Friday. It was definitely madness, but I learned what to look for when it came to shopping on a time crunch.

Now, without further adieu, some of my favorite standout deals for this Friday at Macy’s and why:

All Women’s Coats Under $100: A big deal since it’s the dead of winter (for most) and well, if you’re in San Francisco – it’s always cold. Get a jacket and stop complaining.

$10 Origins Products: I don’t know about y’all, but skincare (especially in my late twenties) has become increasingly important. I’m so much more vigilant about what I put on my face and I’M ALL about routine. I’m so pumped that my favorite Origins products (hydrating cream and face wash) will be on sale!!

60-65% Off Designer Luggage: Okay, so maybe I’m old but THIS IS EXCITING. Luggage is one of those things that is necessary, but maybe not so glamorous. To that I say, hogwash because I think that something so utilitarian needs to be sleek, functional, and above all else – fashionable.

$39.99 Charter Club Cashmere: If we’re being real, cashmere is EXPENSIVE. And I don’t have the dinero to drop all that cash on cashmere. Luckily, I don’t have to. And with a price tag of $39.99 – it’s perfect to get a few in different colors. Pro Tip: I like my sweaters a little baggy and loose, so if you’re like me, size up one or two!

Hope some of this helps, gets you jazzed for Friday’s deals and above all else –  happy shopping!