Saturday Morning Style

Overalls, Shirt, Scarf: Old Navy | Shoes: Converse 

These past few days it's been hawt. And when it comes to San Francisco, hot is 72 degrees with partial clouds. Hey, I'll take it. Especially if I can get an excuse to wear these overalls.

It's no surprise I freakin' love Old Navy. I'm constantly impressed with their collections and even more so, the price tag. I've Saved a TON of overall photos via my Fashion Inspiration Board, and while I took a more classic Americana vibe, I dig the result. 

And, it doesn't hurt that these photos had the backdrop of one of my favorite neighborhood haunts – Duboce Park Cafe (quickly followed by the pup park). Seriously, I go here ALL THE TIME and it's one of the things I love about this 'hood the most. The coffee is strong and the breakfast burrito is delicious. Everything you want out of your local cafe. 

Photography via Julia O Test