Weekend Snapshots

What a weekend, eh? If you live in SF, you know how epic the weather was. If not, well, I'm sure it's equally as beautiful in your neck of the woods (looking at your warm weather, Ohio). 

Anyway, the past few days have been pretty packed but in such a good way. Some highlights:

  • Sipping on delicious Greek wine from Naoussa at Kokkari. If you're a fan of Greek food like me, Kokkari is excellent and the wine was delicious!
  • Nomming hard on pizza from Pythagoras Pizza at the beautiful Anina in Hayes Valley. If you're looking for outdoor spots to sip a beer/cocktail, Anina is the place.
  • Shooting with Alex for the first time ever!! 
  • Oh, the Freda Salvador sample sale (success in two pairs of shoes!!) 
  • Breakfast at the new Le Marais in Castro! 
  • Shoppin' along Polk Street with Shikha (St. Lightening is my fave!) 

Hope y'all have an epic Monday!