Nom On: Le Marais

I've never been to France, but it's on my list. That being said, until I'm able to go to the real place I'll settle on Le Marais Bakery. I've gone to the Marina location dozens of times, but to be honest, it's always a little wild. Soooo, when they opened up a new location on the edge of Castro/Mission, welllll....I was pretty stoked.

I strolled in with my friend Sarah and was super pleased by the airy vibes. Full windows, white walls, marble tables. Yes, yes, yes! And if you're like me, it's a perfect backdrop for some photos. 

Besides the decor, the food is delicious! Some highlights:

  • Make Your Own Salad
  • Breakfast Board
  • Kougin Amann 
  • Iced team (and coffee!) 

And every other pastry available. But seriously you guys. It's this good. I highly, highly recommend stopping by for a bite and especially when the weather is solid. 

Go, go, go!!