4 Favorite San Francisco Views


To me, Sutro Baths is a place extremely special to San Francisco. It's one of my favorite places and even more so, one of my favorite views. You get a bit of the ocean, but you also get a little sneak peak of the Golden Gate Bridge on the other side.  

Initially, Sutro was a saltwater swimming pool complex where dozens of San Franciscans flocked. It burned down in 1966, but now is a epic destination to take in the best views this city has to offer. 


The Bay Bridge doesn't get enough credit. Sure, it may not be Golden, but that's what I like about her. Bridges are considered feminine, right? Regardless, the Bay Bridge serves a pretty huge purpose (connecting the East Bay to San Francisco) and has a bit of character. It's a bit gritty and has an epic light installation that makes you feel like you're in a romantic movie every time you drive across. 


You can't not include these ladies in an epic SF view roundup, right? To me, these houses are perfect. I always imagine the families who live inside and what their realities are actual like. I always wonder if they hate the living F out of all those tourists (and me) taking photos. And what makes this view even sweeter? Alamo Square is almost done to being renovated so it'll be better than ever. 


I've always been drawn to this cross street for some reason. I always love the buzzing of traffic but those sudden moments of calm. It's unique and a welcome change in the midst of chaotic San Francisco. It's on the border of the FiDi and North Beach – two completely different 'hoods, so if you're checking this view out – go for a coffee or let's be real, pasta nearby.