Home Team

Sweatshirt & Skirt: Forever 21 | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Vans 

It's no surprise that I'm alllllll about the cozy attire as of late. Most days you can find me rockin' an oversized sweater, this very epic Crossroads denim jacket, and flats. For reals. I'm going to say it's because I've been walking to work for the majority of it, but really, the last thing I want to do in the morning is scramble trying to find something to wear. 

Getting ready for work is an EFFORT, y'all. And every single day? I don't know how some girls do it. Regardless, when I find a sweatshirt I like – well, I wear it out. So, when Forever 21 asked me how I rock one of my cozy staples, I showed them how I translate this necessity in my real life – a day at the office. 

So, a few things here: I work in a creative atmosphere so while the skirt may be a taaaad short, it still works with some tennies. I prefer to go with these quirky Vans a la Avril (no shame). It's also a Cleveland Cavaliers sweatshirt. Forever 21 is doing a capsule collection with the NBA and reinventing popular team gear. I'm diggin' the cropped style which is super trendy right now. Annnd, if you haven't guessed, I'm from Ohio so it's a nice way to incorporate some of home in San Francisco. And while I'm not SPORTY or know anything about sports for that matter, I love the way it looks (and feels). And, I guess I'm a bandwagon fan. So there it is. :) 



Photography via Julia O Test