Entire Outfit: Athleta

More often than not, I'm rushing to work from a workout class. Whether it's yoga, pilates or anything in between, I've been known to rock the athleisure work from the studio to the office. Luckily my co-workers don't give me too much grief, but how can I not when a) it's so easy and b) looks so badass.

I love these High Rise Powerful Gleam Tights from Athleta that kind of look like faux-leather leggings making them TOTALLY appropriate to wear to work – at least in book. They have a high-rise fit to support my every move and when paired with a striped shirt and fleece jacket, you're ready for the day in comfort and style.

So, please tell me if y'all wear athleisure to work. I need some additional tips!

Photos via Julia O Test