Run Baby Run

If you’ve been following The Ohio Transplant for awhile, you know It’s been a bit since I’ve run my last race. A few years ago I got in the spirit of running races every quarter or so. From 5ks to half-marathons, I did ‘em all.

And I don’t know about y’all, but after you stop, you get a biiiiiiit rusty. But this Sunday, I’ll be running the Run10Feed10 race and well, I’m hoping for the best!

And while I may not be the fastest runner at the moment, at least I can play the part with my clothing.

When it comes to running, the worst thing in the world is when your leggings fall down and you constantly have to pull them up. These Stealth TruCool ⅞ Tights from Athleta offer the support I need and even have a little bit of leg flair (aka: laser-cut perforations) to keep me cool when things heat up.

Along with these leggings, I’m all for a top that can keep up – literally. I’ve never been a girl to run in just a sports bra (especially on cold race day mornings) so I love a long-sleeve shirt like this Speedlight Top.

It’s lightweight, unbelievably comfy and pulls sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster!

Yessss! Three other takeaways when you’re looking for running gear:

  1. Layers: For those living in San Francisco, layers are key. It’s brisk in the morning and warm in the afternoon, so being after to take off and add on is important. I love these half-zips and tanks!

  2. Solid socks: Seriously, guys. Invest in a few good pairs of socks. They are the best way to avoid blisters and well, while you’re 99.9% guaranteed to get one, a sturdy pair of socks will ease the pain. This pair is super plush and pretty amazing.

  3. Quality earbuds: I mean, enough said. But in between podcasts or epic playlists, earbuds that are sweat-proof AND comfortable are super important. These bad boys fit my ears perfectly and are water resistant so when I’m spilling water all over my face at those conveniently placed water stations, we’re still good to go.

This post was in collaboration with Athleta. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all The Ohio Transplant collaborations!

Photography via Julia O Test