Weekend Snapshots

First off, shoutout to all those who sent me good vibes on Friday and over the weekend re: my blog post last week. Y'all are rad and feel super thankful for a badass community. <3 

Like I mentioned, I was in Yosemite this weekend and OFF DA GRID for the entire time. You guys. It was amazing. And so, so needed. Yosemite is a super special place to me, so it was a treat to get up there and decompress. 

I'll be sharing a ton more, but shoutout to Lisha, Shikha and Brooke who made the weekend! It's so nice to have such a strong and supportive group of women in my life! 

Over the week was equally filled with amazing people. I learned how to make candles at my monthly Women's Circle and celebrated Spring with Lauren of Live Happy Inspired and few other badass ladies by having some champagne and pizza from STEM

Oh, and I booked a trip to Amsterdam! More on that later. But if y'all have any recommendations, please share!