The Ultimate Adventure

I mentioned this awhile back, but to me – Yosemite has always been a special place. It's about new beginnings. Reconnecting with myself and getting back in touch. No cell service. No social media. No distractions. Just good conversation. The insane landscape. And the ability to be (for the most part) present. 

Before I dog on social media, to be honest, it was the impetus of this specific trip. I met Lisha online (holla Craigslist!) and both Brooke and Shikha in really unique ways. Brooke was somewhat serendipitous – she was my Lyft driver a year or so ago and Shikha I've known for 6 years when Macy's brought us together. A few months ago, we talked about going on a trip to get away and since the majority of us hadn't been to Yosemite in awhile, we chose it. 

We left on Friday afternoon with the help of Getaround in an epic Jeep big enough to fit all of our stuff. Since it was April, we packed a ton of layers which came in handy – it was around 20 degrees at night. After a long drive, we set up shop at Half Dome Village in a yurt with a heater (Pro Tip: ALWAYS GO FOR THE HEATER) and passed out for an early Saturday morning. 

Feeling adventurous, we hiked Snow Creek Trail a 12 mile roundtrip hike that had us walk through snow, waterfalls, streams, and rocks. It was the perfect trail and while not for the faint of heart, it was totally worth it. 

Being the fashionista I am, I only brought a pair of Nike flyknits for the hike. If you own a pair, you know they provide little traction and hardly any support. Luckily Ahnu and Athleta hooked a girl up with badass waterproof hiking boots and amazing exploring gear. 

All in all, the entire weekend was a dream. Yosemite just does the heart good and after a few chaotic weeks, I felt so energized afterwards.

Some tips if you're heading to Yosemite in the coming months:

  • Layer: Pack smarter, not harder. Ensure you have layers that you can add or subtract depending on the weather. I'd go for anything and everything Athleta (especially these leggings) and Ahnu boots (you can find mine here).
  • Plan Ahead: Surprisngly, there's a lot of planning when it comes to visiting Yosemite. For your car, I'd get a 4 wheel drive and luckily with Getaround, you can find a ton. Snag $20 in free credit with this link too! Also, for a place to say, book it in advance. Half Dome Village is where it's at. It's amazing. And has food. Like p-i-z-z-a. And beer after your long hikes. 
  • Disconnect: Put that damn phone away. And if you can't bear to do that, but that shit on airplane mode. 'Nuff said.