Weekend Snapshots

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence over here, but if you don't follow on IG or FB, you'd see I was livin' it up in Chicago! 

My college bestie Emily lives in Chicago (as does my cousin and a few other friends!) so I thought it was time to pay a visit. Even if it was a blustery 40 degrees. I totally forget how to live in cold weather – San Francisco has ruined me! 

I won't go into incredibly too much detail but a few highlights from this past week/end:

  • Checking out the Chicago Pinterest office! 
  • Nomming at Duck Duck Goat – the Crab Rangoon was phenommmm
  • Taking a SoulCycle class with Hallie
  • Walking, coffee, brunch and the like with Emily
  • Sippin' Real Good juice and came back to life
  • Yoga and snacks with Bare and Ritual

Hope y'all had a great weekend and have a killer week!