48 Hours in San Francisco

San Francisco. SF. 7x7. Whatever you call it, just don’t call it “San Fran.” Or “Frisco” for that matter. Just kidding. But kind of serious. :)

Anyway, I’ve lived in San Francisco for almost 6 years. Pretty crazy, right? I’ve fallen in love with this city and all its quirks, oddities, beauty, and big ass hills.

I had a close friend recently ask me what they should do in SF only if they had a weekend. I was flooded with ideas and really couldn’t resist but share a long list filled with my favorite restaurants, bars to snag a killer cocktail (or PBR), and must-see places to check out.


Best Methods To Get Around

Muni – Our public transit isn’t great but it’s inexpensive and almost a better show than seeing a musical on Broadway. Take it when you need to, but if you’re visiting for the weekend, snag a Clipper Card and put $15 on it. That’ll be plenty to take you throughout the weekend.

Foot – San Francisco is the BEST when you walk. You have more freedom and can really take in all the sights, sounds and great stores. Beware of the hills – we have a ton – so bring some comfortable walking shoes.

Lyft & Uber – Since these two ride sharing companies started here, it’s one of the easier forms of transportation. Opt for a Lyft Line or UberPool and your cost will be under $5 more often than not.



Jane Cafe – In Pacific Heights and the TenderNob, Jane is the perfect place to grab a pastry, avocado toast or a killer cup of coffee. And if you’re feeling wild, get all three!

Plow – A SF hotspot, this brunch place is the BEE'S KNEES. Seriously. They have lemon ricotta pancakes that are almost as fluffy as a tempurpedic mattress. Get their 30 minutes before they open and snag a coffee nearby. People have been known to wait up to 2 hours for a spot.

Outerlands – Located in the Sunset, Outerlands is like something straight out of Kinfolk. Again, there’s a line but tbh, there’s a line almost everywhere in this city. Go for the interior, stay for the eggs-in-jail.

Wise Sons Bagels – If you’re looking for a quick nosh, these bagels are almost as fresh as the ones in New York. And that’s saying a lot. Don’t forget to add schmear and “drag it through the garden.”



Blue Bottle – People take their coffee pretty seriously in San Francisco. Honestly, there are probably more coffee shops in this damn city than people. But, Blue Bottle has proven to be a winner in this space offering delicious cups of joe and bad ass branding.

Ritual Coffee – There are 3 locations in the city, but I think my favorite is either at Flora Grubb Gardens or their newest location in the Haight. Grab a cup before you savor Haight Street.

Castro Coffee Company – If you’re looking for a no-frills cup of coffee, go here. They have every flavor imaginable and for someone who opts for Dunkin’ rather than artisan brew, it’s perfect, not pretentious and damn delicious.



Liholiho Yacht Club – Hawaiian inspired dishes, this restaurant is definitely for the adventurous foodie. Grab the popcorn to start and then try out their fried rice with spam!

The Saratoga – This place is sexy. The bar is the visual focal point, but the dinner at The Saratoga is downright delicious. Snag an Old Fashioned and wash it down with some bone marrow. Or do it the other way – the choice is yours.

Nopalito – I love Nopalito’s mexican food that’s casual, delicious and really dynamic. Their totopos are I-N-S-A-N-E. Seriously, don’t ask. Just go.

4505 Meats – If you’re a hungry carnivore, this place is for you. Their BBQ is unlike any other and their burger is one of the juiciest in the city. Nom hard at this place my friends.



Black Sands Brewery – Located in the Lower Haight, Black Sands is a pretty awesome place to order a delicious beer with even better scenery. I highly suggest grabbing a beer or two and then wandering on the street to one of the many amazing foodie spots.

Toronado – Hands down one of the best places to grab any type of beer you’d like. Have cash and don’t take it personally when the bartenders yell at you. That’s just their way of saying hello.

Tradition – If you’re looking for a cocktail done right, Tradition is your place. It’s located near Union Square so if you’re wanting to stay close, this is your spot. The bartenders dress like they’re straight out of a speakeasy, too.

Fig & Thistle – Wine more your speed? Try this neighborhood favorite. It’s cute as hell inside and cozy due to the size. I’m partial to their Pinot Noir, but they have beer if that’s your bag.

What do y'all think? Would love to hear your thoughts!