70's Vibes

Sweater & Shoes: F21 (love this sweater!) | Pants: Zara (similar) | Jacket: Old Navy

I've always been drawn to 70's fashion. From suede to bell bottoms to high waisted designs, it seems like the 70's just knew how to stay groovy. Alas, it's 2017 and too much of one trend is never a good thing. So, how do you give a throwback to yesteryear without looking like too much? 

Find one piece my friends! I always like sticking to a focal point of an outfit and work from there – it's easier that way, eh? I found this sweater from Forever 21 and was unusually drawn to the odd color combination.  I decided to throw all caution to the wind and snag it and to be honest, I'm pretty damn happy I did. 

So what do you think? Far out? 

Photography via Julia O Test