Dress: Margaret O'Leary | Shoes: F21 | Jacket: Old Navy

While I'm all for jumping on to the latest and greatest trends, one that I was definitely hesitant about – velvet. 

And looking for velvet on my fashion go-to (Pinterest, of course)? Well, the options were endless. So naturally, it's a bit easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes I felt like velvet looks a little weird and lumpy and you know...doesn't it get hot?? Surely it's not "breathable material." 

"People" say, "when you find the one you just know." And know I did when I saw this bad boy from Margaret O'Leary. The website has it layered which I think is the perfect alternative to SF fall/winter. 

So, how do y'all feel about this velvet trend? Yay/Nay?? 

Photography via Julia O Test