Gift Guide – For The Bestie

Hey Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! During the holidays, I usually rack my brain trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. More often than not, this turns into last minute freakouts where I settle for a less than stellar gifts for everyone on my list.

And while I'm more of an "experience" person and my love language is far from "gift giving", I'm determined to put just a little more effort into this year's holiday rituals. 

Ittai and I've decided to gift each other fun adventures, but that leaves friends and family. So, uh...what's a girl to do? If y'all have any ideas for parents, please share. What do you get parents that don't need anything? 

And of course, what about friends? Clothing is a little tricky and a drink is just, uh, a little impersonal, right? Luckily, I'm obsessed with and just stumbling on their website gives me a shit ton of ideas. 

And y'all, gifts for friends don't need to be extravagant. They just need to show you care. So what makes even better is that they're helping sistaz like me who are on a budget. 

Some of my favorite items:

  • This bad ass mug that's perfect for holding pens or for holding whiskey. I prefer the latter.
  • A personalized iPhone case that's quirky, fun, and shows a lot of creativity
  • Being a writer, I'm obsessed with notebooks. From to-do lists to doodles, I live and breathe by my notebook. This vibrant, green jade 'book is perfect for writing brilliant little notes or 3-D cubes.
  • A keychain that's full of personality, like this love potion one in gold hardware. Let the heart eye emojis rejoice.  

What do y'all think? And more importantly, what are you getting your bestie? I'm lusting over this bomber jacket spoutin' only the best of vibes.