Holiday Mantra: Give Experiences, Not Things

Hi Everyone!

First up, I hope everyone is having a relaxing and festive Friday. I’m in Florida with my family for the week and couldn’t be more excited – it’s been a year since I’ve seen them – and even Ittai is here celebrating!

If you’re like me, gift giving is fairly hard for the holidays. Every year, I wrack my brain trying to figure out the best thing to give my Mom, Dad, or loved one. And much like every year prior, this season was no different when it came to the question, “What to get Ittai?”

A little backstory: Living in San Francisco for 5 years has allowed me to experience everything this beautiful city has to offer. From the hippest cafes in Mission Bay to the best views of the Pacific Ocean, this 7x7 town has limitless opportunities. While my partner and boyfriend, Ittai, has lived in the Bay Area his entire life, he hasn't done those "quintessential" SF things that I've experienced.

So, for this holiday season, we decided on sharing “experiences” rather than tangible gifts. By gifting Ittai an Uber gift card, we could create long-lasting memories in a city that we love – together.

Uber makes getting from point A to point B seamless. When you’re ready to ride or go somewhere, just open the app and request one. It’s saved my social life and helps take the hassle out of commuting in this busy city!  

So when we decided on what to experience, I thought showing him my favorite parts of the city would be perfect. And, I knew he’d love them, too.

We first started at Sutro Baths, one of all-time favorite places in SF. If you have been, you know how gorgeous it is – grand, blue, and beautiful. We snapped a picture of us together so we could have it framed, hiked down to say hello to Lands End, and took in a tiny glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Feeling hungry, we hopped in an Uber to go to Judahlicious – a delicious and super healthy spot in the Sunset. It usually has a way smaller line than Outerlands and is equally as delicious. We opted for the Acai waffle and some major coffee that hit the spot.

We spent the remainder of the morning popping in little stores like the General Store – the coolest store for high-end candles, vintage clothing, and more. 

We ended the day with an easy trip home and a lot of memories made – the perfect day. You can purchase Uber Gift Cards online via Uber or Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Target. 

Hope y'all have an amazing holiday! 


Thank you to Uber for sponsoring this post