Nom On: Souvla

SouvlaNopa_KBSouvlaNopa_KBSouvlaNopa_KBsouvlanopa_kb_web_54-e1467734980156SouvlaNopa_KBSouvlaNopa_KB Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Now that I've gotten back from New York, I can finally catch up on my blogging – especially today.

Growing up, Greek food was super important to me. No, I'm not Greek or of any Greek descent, but my mom absolutely l-o-v-e-d it. In my hometown, we had a delicious Greek restaurant named Gyro Time that we used to go to (at least once a week) and chat with the owner, eat gyros, and munch on french fries. Some of my fondest memories are eating with my family there.

This love of Greek continued throughout the years. Whether it was in Chicago and making a pit stop in Greek Town or in New York trying to find the best schwarma, this type of food has been (and always will) be my favorite type.

So, when I moved to San Francisco 5 years ago, I had a lot of promise. It's a big city with even bigger appetites. Unfortunately, I looked near and far for Mediterranean restaurants that filled the void – to no such luck.

Then, a few years ago – Souvla opened its first location in Hayes Valley. I think I went the week it opened and I can't tell you how excited I was. Finally, a place for quick, tasty AND affordable Greek food.

I continued to frequent Souvla over the years (first dates, friend dates, mid-afternoon lunch hangs, etc.) until they opened their second location on Divisadero Street in NoPa. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to check out the new space and truly, it's breathtaking. The space is clean, modern, but has touches of what make Souvla well...Souvla. Fresh flowers adorn the restaurant and gold light fixtures give the entire dining area a glow.

Even better? I live 15 minutes (by foot!) from this new location. My order of choice? Their Roasted White Sweet Potato salad, Greek fries, and a glass of Souvla's  Greek Red – the Skouras, St. George. More often than not, I always order a second glass – especially now that they have a variety of Greek red & whites to choose from!

And with another location on Valencia just announced a few days ago, you'll have even more opportunities to check out this San Francisco staple. Get yourself familiar with their menu here.



Photos via Souvla