Fuzz Ball

img_7097img_7103img_7110img_7111img_7116img_7120img_7122img_7137img_7142img_7147img_7148img_7150img_7167img_7178 Sweater: Crossroads Trading | Jeans, Shoes (similar), Bag (love this version!): Zara

Hi Everyone!

So, I have to admit – there's a lot going on here in this outfit today. We have a 90's throwback, fuzzy sweater. Wide-leg cullottes that frankly make me feel like I'm wearing JNCO jeans. A bucket bag and gold heels. GOLD HEELS, YES. WEIRD? Kind of.

But...I dig it. And, I think it somehow works. Besides the sweater shedding that happened later.

After my trip from New York, I saw so many people taking fashion plunges that I wanted to throw two sheets to the wind and say F IT. Why not go for all the season's trends in one damn outfit.

Also, so many exciting things happening y'all that I can't wait to share!!

Talk soon!!!!

Photography via Lisha Wang