Saturday Sippin'

IMG_1484IMG_1493IMG_1499IMG_1505IMG_1506IMG_1516IMG_1519IMG_1521IMG_1528IMG_1534 Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Feeling pretty happy about this four day week. Some of my favorite times spent in San Francisco have been a block away from my home. Alta Plaza Park is one of those places in San Francisco that feels pretty hidden from the rest of the city – maybe it's because I don't see hundreds of people sitting on the lawn or day drinking every weekend. Rather, it's a place where families go to play with their children, Pug owners go to meet up with other nuggets, and twenty or thirty-somethings go to relax, read a book, or in my case hang out with some wine and cheese.

And while the specific day I went to snack on some cheese and wine was pretty overcast, it still didn't make it any less beautiful. But no picnic is complete without the fixin's. You know – the wine (my fave currently is Cultivar's Sauvignon Blanc), the cheese (holla Gouda!), and the carbs (bread, obviously).

So, if you haven't been to Alta Plaza – it's a must see. Especially since Alamo Square is out of commission for 9 or so months and Dolores is now offering to rent out spaces on the lawn. There goes the neighborhood.


Photos via Lisha Wang