She's A Brick House

IMG_1112IMG_1114IMG_1124IMG_1129IMG_1131IMG_1147IMG_1149IMG_1151IMG_1192IMG_1200IMG_1206IMG_1222IMG_1251IMG_1272IMG_1279IMG_1295 Blouse & Denim Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Betabrand | Hat: Target

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! So, I went through a stage where I wore a ton of baggy things. Oversized sweaters, shirts, pants – you name it. If I wasn't swimming in it, I wasn't interested. But, that gets old guys. I promise.

So, I was on the search for great fitting jeans that made me feel like a badass. I tried multiple stores with the hopes that I'd find one pair that made me feel like a rockstar. Either they were too tight (woof!), too short, too long or gave me a maaaaajor wedgie (even more woof). I also started to get super down on myself in the process. I felt so self-conscious about wearing something tighter than what I previously wore and even caught myself wishing I could lose weight to fit into jeans more comfortably.

This opens up a whole other can of worms (and I can get to that later). I've struggled with body issues quite a bit – especially since the rise of Instagram where I'm constantly seeing amazing imagery of women (and men!) on the beach, in bikinis, tight dresses, etc. But we all know that life is curated. Obviously. That being said, it doesn't sting any less.

So, when I found a pair of jeans that I felt super comfortable in – well, I was hooked. Instead of being self-conscious about my bum, these jeans embraced it! Hell yeah! These bad boys from Betabrand are a little high-rise, a little flared, and designed to give you the world's best booty.


Whether I have the world's best booty in these is debatable, but I sure as hell feel like I have one.


Photos via Lisha Wang