Skirt (similar) & Sweatshirt: Madewell | Shoes: Forever 21 

Justin Timberlake once profoundly sang "What goes around comes, comes all the way back around" and while I think that was "allegedly" for B.Spears, I'm going to relate it to this summer's most popular trend – the mini skirt.

Now, I realllllllly wasn't a huge mini skirt fan back in the day, but since they've made a comeback, I'm here, I'm wearin' one, and I'm lovin' it. 

While a biiiit on the short side, I wore this outfit to work and to felt prettttty, prettttty good about it. I did the fingertip rule before rocking it to work, btw. 

How do you guys feel about minis? I've been getting a ton of inspiration from Pinterest on how to wear them, but would love to hear how you guys rock 'em!