Ice Cream Paint Job

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Pants: Zara (love these!) | Blouse: JC Penny (would you believe it?!) | Shoes: F21 | Hat: Cary Lane

Hi Y'all,

Quick post today, but there's something about this outfit that makes me feel like I'm wearing a "mullfit" – you know those outfits. The ones that are all business on the top and a party on the bottom. And yes, I believe I just made up that term.

I seriously couldn't believe this outfit worked as I bought the two pieces at very different times. I love that the pants feel like elevated pajama pants. High-waisted, floral, flared. They just work. And well, to make the entire outfit a bit less, uh, overwhelming, I paired it with a simple blush blouse.

Not too shabby, eh?

Also, if you're not doing anything tomorrow, head on over to Wallflower Vintage in San Francisco from 6-9 p.m. PST! I'll be hangin' with Bryn styling some vintage finds, drinking a bit (it is a Thursday, you know), and listening to good tunes.


Photos via Tory Putnam