Coffee Shops In SF

IMG_0076 Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! For the past few weeks, I've been making my rounds at coffee shops in the Bay Area. Honestly, every morning I Google and Yelp "Best Places for Coffee in SF" or "Free Wifi in SF" and am smacked in the face with a ton of options.

How's a girl to decide? For me, it comes down to a few particulars:

  1. Free Wifi – A girl's gotta work
  2. Nice ambiance – It doesn't have to be the Ritz, but somewhere that I can get into my "flow"
  3. Options – Coffee, tea, sandwiches, salads, I want it all
  4. Location – Has to be easy to walk, bike, bus, BART to

So, there it is. With that being said, all you freelancers, coffee lovers, scene go-ers, check out my Pinterest Board full of my favorite places to snag a cup of joe. Or a flat white. Or a  iced coffee from my friends at Saint Frank.

Also, share your favorites – I look forward to hearing about them and then going in and trying it out for myself! :)