Times Like These

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday. So, I feel like I'm pretty adventurous – especially when it comes to going to shows and exploring venues in San Francisco. I've been to The Chapel, Brick & Mortar, The Fillmore, The Fox, The Independent (seeing a theme?) and many others.

Where I haven't been to, however, is Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. Luckily, I had the opportunity to check out two amazing artists last night that literally rocked. so. hard.

Thanks to TicketCity and Do The Bay, I grooved and well, head banged into the evening with the sounds of Gary Clark Jr. and the Foo Fighters. SERIOUSLY – Dave Grohl is insane. He's well into his 40's and screamed the entire night...with a broken leg. Hence, the Broken Leg tour.

I was so impressed with both performances and the crowd was truly giving it their all to the Foo Fighters. The energy was infectious, the $12.50 beer was enough to not make me shameful for head banging, and the weather held up.

If you haven't checked out Gary Clark Jr. or the Foo Fighters, definitely try and get a chance to see them live. Your neck may ache from dancing too much, but your heart will be full.

Also, if you live in the SF area – Do The Bay is celebrating their app launch THIS Saturday! Check it out for more info.