Weekend Snapshots

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Getting back from Seattle, I think the wear and tear of traveling got the best of me mid-week.

Along with swollen glands, I lost my wallet, forgot my jacket at a restaurant, and well...let's just say the stars weren't aligned with Aimee this week.

Just when I started to lose hope in the world and my ability to be a proper adult, I received an email from a woman who found my wallet AND lived in the same town in Ohio that I went to college in! Small world, eh?

I guess all of this comes down to something so very simple that many bloggers don't often touch on: bad shit happens. And life isn't always peachy. It's a matter of perspective and I truly believe you are in charge of not only how you feel, but how you address a situation.

Yeah, losing my wallet for a few days sucked. Yeah, I lost my favorite jacket. BUT, there are so many other things to be thankful for – even if it's small.

I spent the weekend with friends, laughing, catching up, soaking up the San Francisco sun, and raising money for Breast Cancer research.

I made new friends, saw TWO awesome concerts (Flight Facilities & Lemaitre) in one week, and had a full day where I ate nothing but cheese (seriously).

And with that, I leave you with one question – what are you thankful for?