Fitness Feature - Burn San Francisco

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Hi Everyone!

You may have seen me write about it, but over the past few weeks i've been doing a lot of classes a la Class Pass. Now, if you don't know about ClassPass, check it out – it totally has transformed the way I workout and the way I think about working out!

Most recently, I had the opportunity to check out a class (that's available on ClassPass) called Burn San Francisco. I'm a big lover of pilates, but let me tell you...Burn is a bit different.

Their mantra and method emphasize constant movement using circuits to challenge and improve endurance, agility, balance, and strength, with appropriate focus on stressing proper form and method.

With their newest location in Hayes Valley, I checked it out and had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Lisa Corsello!

The new space is beautiful and airy. Inviting and not overwhelming, you're greeted by a wonderful receptionist who welcomes you to the studio and asks if you have any injuries prior to your class. I snagged a bottle of water before the class (free of charge!) and was on my way to getting my butt kicked.

We spent an hour mixing up our workout between cardio, strength training, and stretching. Some of the moves were foreign to me, but luckily my instructor Sierra was awesome!

Lisa and I caught up after class and she told me about her journey of opening Burn and what's to come. With the opening of the Hayes Valley location comes two others and loads of promise!

I highly encourage you to try Burn San Francisco if you're in the area. After all, they have 4 locations (Hayes Valley, Mission, Inner Sunset, and Russian Hill) now!




Photos via Burn SF Instagram and Jennifer Graham Photography