Weekend Snapshots

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( ^ photo via Rob Conners)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope the weekend was a good one. Word on the street (from my parents) that the East Coast chill is brutal. For those of you experiencing sub-zero temperatures, i'm sorry. I miss the snow, but not the frostbite.

The weekend was great, especially starting off my weekend with a delicious home-cooked Indian meal from Shikha's mom! It was a great way to spend a Friday, especially with amazing food and even better company!

On Saturday, Vayner volunteered at the SF/Marin Food Bank. It was such a good experience and I highly suggest everyone go once and help out. You sometimes forget how hunger affects so many lives in San Francisco and the Bay Area, but 1 in 4 people are food insecure. So, check out their website and volunteer stat!

Spent time exploring Dogpatch and Potrero with Andi, Rob, Courtney, and Eric on Saturday and found some gems that include Smokestack and Triple Voodoo.

Sunday, I raced my first ever 15k and shit, y'all. That was rough. But i'm so glad I did it. And of course, I treated myself to a massive breakfast sandwich because i'm a boss.

How was your weekend?