Thankful Thursday

IMG_2719 Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday. Feelin' all kinds of thankful feelings today and wanted to quickly share a few:

  • Friends who push you that extra mile (literally) and make you feel like you can do anything
  • Roommates (If you haven't read Andi's blog post about them, do it! It's a tear jerker and makes me thankful to have such kind and awesome friends/roomies)
  • Random dinner + beer dates with co-workers
  • Coming back to work after a long holiday and jumping with joy that we're all back and reunited
  • Photo dates with Tory!
  • That the Hot Chocolate Run is this Sunday!
  • Volunteering at the SF Food Bank this weekend
  • Early mornings spent writing and drinking Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Bringing my lunch to work
  • Seeing the Coachella 2015 lineup (!!!!!!!!!!)

Just a few things, y'all!