Fuzzy Wuzzy

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Sweater, Skirt, Shoes: F21 (love these shoes) | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Purse: Coach via Andi

Hi Everyone!

It's been kind of shit weather in San Francisco, but I guess we need the rain so I shouldn't be complaining. One unfortunate thing about the rain, however, is the frizz that happens before, during, and after.

Having wavy hair, it often times can't be tamed (cue that Miley Cyrus song, too). So, instead of fighting the frizz, i'll try and embrace it. Much like Lou Doillon, but way less cool. I can try, though.

Anyway, i've been wearing sweater upon sweater, so i'm thrilled to find some that feel like actual blankets. But seriously...it's AMAZING.

Until tomorrow!




Photos via Tory Putnam