Weekend Snapshots Part 2

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Hi Everyone!

Part two of my weekend adventures. There's something so special about having your entire city gone during the holidays. For me, this was a fantastic thing for several reasons.

  • Walking around the city when there's no one around is oddly calming and eerie at the same time. There's also something to be said for not playing that awkward "pedestrian dance" while walking.
  • Waiting in line for brunch is actually just not waiting at all. I ventured to Outerlands on Saturday morning and had to wait five minutes. FIVE. This is a rarity and makes me appreciate holidays that much more.
  • Since no one was in town (hardly!) I was able to check out the new Warby Parker store in Hayes Valley. As an avid glasses wearer, i'm obsessed with my pair of Huxley's. They are da bomb. Now on to find another pair.
  • Bars are empty and thus making getting a tall boy of PBR a joyous occasion, not something to dread. Note: I never dread PBR, I just dread waiting in lines.
  • With all the free time of a long weekend, you can just run without a care in the world. For me, training for my half-marathon has been a bit of a challenge. I hate running at night and because it's dark, I have this irrational fear that i'll be hit by a car or abducted. Either way, it's been interesting and setting aside the time to actually run outside has been a bit of a chore. That's real talk, y'all.
  • Since everyone is gone in this city, you run into people. More so than usual. Had an interesting encounter with an old friend that I hadn't seen in some time and boy, it felt a little wild. So those of you who think San Francisco is big, think again.

Wrapping up the weekend on a Tuesday makes me want to re-live the past few days. Pretty amazing, fo' sho.