Thursday Thankful

b6778e1139fe9f17f43e037050648cba Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! This week has been a little batty, so I thought i'd take the time to write a Thursday Thankful list (something my roommate Andi has inspired me to do since i've known her!)

Here's a few things i'm thankful for as of late:

  • Upcoming travels (PDX in August and Ohio!)
  • Seeing my very best friends as we reunite at our alma mater, Ohio University!
  • Soy Lattes from Coffee Cultures
  • Waking up early and walking to work
  • Writing really kickass copy I feel good about
  • Seeing Real Estate on Friday
  • Lounging at Stern Grove eating fresh blueberries and drinking IPAs
  • The fog rolling in every afternoon around 6 p.m.
  • People using exclamations! (I love them)
  • Saying hi to French Bulldogs on the street
  • Feeling confident from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep
  • Fighting for what you want and more so, what you believe in
  • Random high fives and hugs
  • Outside Lands next weekend!
  • Continuing to make progress on my blog each and every day
  • Feeling loved

Just a few things i've been thankful for lately! What are some of yours?