The Ohio Transplant x LE TOTE


Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! TGIF! TGIF! I'm so happy it's Friday! I'm even more excited because there's a few exciting changes you'll be seeing in the next few days and weeks!

Much like a person, a blog grows with each and every year. I'm excited to announce that i'll be unveiling a new logo and redesign soon by the lovely and talented Savannah Roberts! You can already see the beginning steps, but I promise you it'll be done fairly soon.

Along with the redesign, i'm jazzed to show you guys the video I did last week with LE TOTE! So excited to share with you as i'm obsessed with all their clothing and jewelry -- so affordable, easy to use and a great team (shout out to Bryn and Rob for being rockstars!)

And while I look a little goofy in some spots (wouldn't have it any other way), I am so pleased with how it came out. Hope you enjoy!!!