Fashion Finds






Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a grand ol' time. In San Francisco, it's a bit gloomy here, but I suppose our San Francisco Indian Summer is right around the bend.

Since the weather is so erratic, my closet is usually a mixture between sweaters, spring dresses, coats and everything in between. It gets expensive, right? Never knowing what season to dress for sometimes is a bit of a hassle on my sanity and my budget.

That being said, since i've moved to San Francisco almost 3 years ago (at the end of August!!!!), I have found my clothing mecca. That's right, y'all. It's Crossroads Trading.

I've been to several locations around the city, but call the Fillmore street location my home. I'm there on the regular (more than I like to admit -- once a week??) and never come out empty handed.

However, I've heard I have a bit of a shopping problem and after taking up 2 closets in my apartment, my roommates decided to have an intervention.

You can only buy something, if you give away 3 items. Makes total sense. But when do you find the time to actually gather up your things, pack them nicely and find time to either donate or take them to a resale location?

Luckily, the smart people at Crossroads had the brilliant idea of a Sell By Mail bag where you can request a free (holla!) pre-paid bag that is delivered to your house (double holla!) and allows you to sell your clothes by mail!!!

The bag holds an amazing amount of clothing and even better, the clothing they don't accept or isn't in season -- they donate.

Now that's a win/win for me.

If you love fashion that's affordable, chic and easy head on over to Crossroads. I promise your wallet will be happy.