Weekend Snapshots

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! So, once again -- don't hate me. I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, but a girl's gotta work. Nahm sayin'? If you couldn't already tell from the shit load of photos, I spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon! My first time, too!

I spent the entire weekend with my bestie and fellow blogger-in-crime, Shikha and I must say -- it was a damn good time. You know those cities where you're constantly surprised by how charming it is? Well, that was Portland for me. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was incredibly nice, thoughtful and helpful.

Throughout the weekend, Shikha was playing tour guide (the girl had a spreadsheet) so we crossed a few things off the list. Some of my favorites?

  • Screen Door (Killer brunch, unlimited coffee -- that's a big ol' yes!)
  • Clyde Common (Fun bar attached to the Ace Hotel downtown. Sexy atmosphere & delicious dranks)
  • Blue Star Donuts (I mean, did you see that picture above? No question)
  • International Rose Test Garden (Flowers on flowers on flowers. Instagram worthy fo' sho)
  • Pok Pok (Delicious thai food that will blow your mind!)
  • Apex (It's like San Francisco's Zeitgeist. But way more clean. I mean, they had candles!!)
  • Heart Coffee (Tasty coffee that wasn't 4 dollars!)

Those are just some of my favorites from only the two days I spent there, but I can't wait to go back for more. Good thing i'll be making another trip or two in August. ;)