Weekend Snapshots

Drinks pre Ben Folds! IMG_8472

VMSF celebrates our 5th birthday!

Fresh flowers make for a perfect weekend.

Pit stop to Big Sur Bakery






Trails and Ways!





Ran to the beach. This happened. I KNOW, I COULDN'T HELP IT GUYS.




Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I hope y'all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. I spent the majority of my time traveling down the 101 and in Big Sur. Well, sort of.

So, you know how I told you guys I was camping, right? Welllll....a little change of plans. We get to the campsite on Friday afternoon and unfortunately, all spots were booked. With that in mind, we headed to recharge at Big Sur Bakery with some beers n' sammies. We were told by a local that road camping was often practiced so we thought, "why the hell not?"

We pitched a tent, cooked dinner and got all cozy in our tent when we heard a knock on our tent saying that we were, uh...not supposed to be there. Like the law abiding citizens we are, we packed up and left to find shelter. An hour away. Damn Memorial Day Weekend!

Makes for a good story, though! We found solace in Carmel and then headed to Santa Cruz on Saturday to see one of my favorite local acts -- Trails & Ways. Intimate show and I couldn't have been happier. Sunday came back to San Francisco & stopped by Mount Davidson and the Hayes Valley Biergarten, because why not drink outside in the rare SF sunshine?

Even when you try to plan, more often that not...things don't go exactly how they were thought. That being said, it's all about how you react to them, right?

One piece of advice, however? Don't go to Big Sur without reservations on Memorial Day Weekend. It ain't happenin'.