Weekend Snapshots

Pre-flight flight with Shiks. IMG_7253

Much caffeine was ingested throughout the trip.

The Jordans.

BK Bridge

Sun setting on Park Slope.

Lookin' up at Paradou.





Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry I was on a little blogging hiatus for Monday and Tuesday! My flight was delayed super late and I got back in the wee hours of the morning and was just too exhausted to get on my computer. New York was SO amazing and i'll be sharing some snapshots with you today and tomorrow.

The vacation was spent with amazing people, celebrating birthday's, walking all over, equally exploring all over, eating my heart out and stopping by VaynerMedia NY to say hallo!

A great time indeed! Thank you to everyone who made it extra special.

Promise, will be on a real blogging schedule by next Monday. Don't fret. :)

Until tomorrow!