My Love Affair With San Francisco

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! As y'all know, i'm from Ohio but have called San Francisco "home" for quite some time. It's crazy to think about your life, the people that come in and out, the places you see every day, the things that you don't even give a second look. It's weird to imagine that even at 24, people would consider me an adult but damn -- I definitely do not feel like it.

I promise this is all actually getting somewhere, too! A few weeks back, I walked with my friend Courtney to the top of Tank Hill. Of course, me dressed in appropriately and her in workout gear, we trekked around the city of San Francisco on a gorgeous, sunny day. We get to Tank Hill, chatting, talking about New Year's resolutions, and admiring our beautiful city. I feel so insanely lucky to live in this city day in and day out. So, as stupid and incoherent as this post may be, it's my shout out to the city I call home.

Until tomorrow!