Weekend Snapshots

Brunch date with my main gurl Shiks at Little C's haute.

A great way to start a Sunday -- a 5k!


A little stop to Rye to round out the weekend.

I feel like the luckiest gal livin' in this gorgeous city.


Pre-race breakfast!

Outtake from an upcoming post!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Did y'all have a good weekend? I definitely did. Sometimes all you need is a cloudy San Francisco day where you binge on unhealthy food, take your mattress from your bed to the living room and watch tv for 7 hours straight. But seriously -- that's what I did for a great portion of my Saturday. A cloudy and rainy day in SF is rare, but one that should be cherished, no?

That being said, I indulged in the heaviest veggie burger of my life, topped it off with fries and well, for dessert -- Rolo's and M&M's. Successful Saturday, indeed.

Sunday I hit reset and ran a 5k at Aquatic Park, brunched with Shiks, a trip to Diane's to get the nails done and all in all, tried to root on the Niners for football. YAY SPORTS!

What'd y'all get into?

Until tomorrow!