Live Simply, Live Fully

What does the next 10 years of your life look like?

To me, that question is quickly followed by a pretty big “whoa.” It’s a heavy question, right? TEN YEARS. To be completely real, I don’t even know what my life will look like in ten days.

That being said, I sat down with myself and a few others a few days ago to begin to answer that very question. What do I want MY life to look like.  

It’s daunting and exciting task. And the more that I think about it – totally necessary. I’m a big believer in putting what you want out in the universe. If you can dream it and believe it, then you can sure as hell achieve it.

But, where to start?

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to take a class that helped me lay out the foundation for my future. I feel like setting goals and visions is a pretty intimate thing. Not being one to openly discuss my “feelings,” getting in tune with my body and self was a bit challenging. But with the help of Bare Snacks and Blaze+Blum, it made things a bit easier.

I wanted to share a few things I learned on reconnecting with yourself and starting to carve out the life you truly want.

1.  Breathe: It all starts with breath, doesn’t it? In a world where every day is just one big sensory overload, I found out that my breath is all I have. Whether you use noise-canceling headphones or opt for a quiet space in your house, sit with your thoughts for a bit, meditate, and breathe. There are SO many ways to breathe, so try and few out to see what you prefer.

2. Goal Setting: The most amazing thing I learned from JohnBlaze and Brit is that it’s okay to not know what the hell you want. But the idea of pushing yourself to even starting to think of those things is key. What does your life look like? Feel like? Smell like? Who is around you? Who do you want around? These questions are hard, but force you to think about what matters most.

3. Write it down: I think holding yourself accountable is actually even more challenging than coming up with goals. Luckily, when you have it written down, it’s a constant reminder of all the things you want. Keep those goals and visions close by (whether it’s on your mirror, in a side table drawer or on the fridge).

Now, for the personal part. I’ll share my vision and goals for the next ten years. Admitting is the first step (right?) and I truly believe in living the life I can imagine.

I dived it up into 3 themes:


  • Self: Learning to love myself wholly and fully. Be confident with who you are and where you are in that moment.
  • Romantic: Finding a partner that is kind, loving and supportive. While I want to say this is not one of the biggest ones for me, I’d be lying. After some soul searching, I realize partnership is a huge priority.
  • Friendship: Maintaining old friendships and growing new ones. People find purpose in relationships (of all kinds) and since I’m an only child, having solid connections with friends is essential.


  • Career: I won’t get tooooo much into it, but continuing to grow myself professionally and learning all I can. Making it a priority to ask for help when needed and taking chances when I can.
  • Personal development: Maintaining my level of curiosity over the next ten years, twenty years, etc. From traveling the world to learning a new skill, I want to push myself to be uncomfortable. Yoga teacher training? YES. Traveling to a different country alone? YOU BETCHA. These are all things I want to achieve.


  • Spiritually: While I’m not religious, I do believe in good vibes. Continuing my exploration into self-spirituality by meditating, practicing mindfulness and continuing to explore things like reiki and chi nei tsang.
  • Physically: I feel best when being active. So, continuing to have a healthy cadence of physical activity. I’d like to have completed several half marathons and deepening my yoga practice. Also, nourishing my body with food that will provide energy and not slow me down (still learning this one). 
  • Mentally: Continuing to be an advocate for myself, my feelings and my passions. This ties back into the self-love, but you get the jist.