Fast Times With Buddy

Dress: xyz | Sweater: F21 | Shoes: XYZ | Hat: Hats of the Fillmore | Scarf: Unknown Puppy kisses!


He's on the go and taking me with him!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope you are well rested and relaxed after yesterday's festivities! As you might have read yesterday, I met the newest member of the Rancer family -- a Miniature Schnauzer named Buddy! He's still a pup so has A LOT of energy -- hence the last photo when he's pulling me to no end.

It's been so, so nice being home but DAYUM it's cold. Living in San Francisco, I think I got spoiled. I'm also on the search for a new hat too -- I keep my black, tan and grey on a never ending rotation. : )

Oh yeah, before I forget...that's a Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee in the third picture. Nothing makes me happier.

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Scott Wisner