Same Outfit, New Scenery

Dress: H&M | Jacket: F21 | Shoes: F21 | Necklace: H&M DSC00544



Anddddd, because i'm a transparent blogger, i'm going to show you this hilarious and awkward photo:


Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you're having a killer week! Alas, i'm a sucker for comfort and when I like something, I like it a lot. When it comes to clothes, if I like it...I wear it again. And again. And well, probably for the next week. So, when it was time to come to packing for LuckyFABB, why go out of my comfort zone and really dress up?

This dress from H&M is perfect. Breezy, inexpensive, chic and fun. The pattern brightens up the otherwise simple style while still maintaining the edginess that I prefer.

Anyway, I love this damn dress and knew it'd be perfect to take with me to New York. Pretty easy to maneuver around the city. I mean, come on...did you see the last photo? :)

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Caity Shreve