Weekend Snapshots - New York Edition

Starting off my time in New York correctly. Sesame with turkey bacon. OH YEAH. Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss!

Day 2 Outfit for LuckyFABB!

OU reunion!

Coffee to sustain the craziness of the week!

Caught up with this lady! Known her since my very first  day of college!

BYOB Indian Place. I'm into it.

Like brother, like sister.






Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well! Happy Monday! I just got back from an insanely fun trip to New York for LuckyFabb! I'm still catching up on some sleep, but reunited with friends (from college and the blogging world!) ten thousand times worth it.

LuckyFABB was a blast and I learned SO much about making my blog the best it can be. Also, did I mention Kate Bosworth and Eva Mendez spoke? It was insanely badass and I have so much more respect for those two women! Amazing. I ate my weight in bagels (i'm not mad), walked everywhere (so refreshing!), laughed my ass off and well, treated myself to a solid drop crotch pant. WORTH IT.

Alas, you'll see several more pictures coming your way this week, but I thought i'd give ya a taste. I have to admit though, it feels damn good to be home in the city I adore. Pretty great way to end a weekend.

Until tomorrow!