Alta Plaza - Part 1

Shirt: JCrew | Denim: F21 | Pants: iBuffalo via JC Penny | Shoes: H&M AR_Alta Plaza_08

AR_Alta Plaza_04

AR_Alta Plaza_07

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Hope all is well! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot with the lovely and insanely talented Yasmin. I found Yasmin through my friend Andi who worked with her in the past and when I saw her photos -- I knew I had to shoot with her somehow!

You know some of the people you just instantly click with? Well, Yasmin was one of those people and I truly felt like I was talking to and goofing off with a friend, not someone I just met for the second time!

We explored Alta Plaza and of course, I just really can't get enough of these tropical pants (also seen here). This specific day was a unusually sweltering one in San Francisco (hey, i'm not complaining) and of course, I had to take off the denim because well...I was going to sweat through it. 0_0

I'll be sharing some more snapshots with Yasmin next week so stayed tuned! Find Yasmin's awesome work through her Instagram and website!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Yasmin Vahdatpour