Red All About it

Dress: BCBG via Crossroads Trading Rings: H&M | Bracelet: Mothers






Oh hey!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Humpday! Hope all is well and you're having a great week! As you all know, I absolutely adore Sincerely Jules and her way to pull off anything. Seriously. Baggy t-shirt? Check. Plaid trousers AND leopard? Oh, she has it down. That's why when I saw this dress at Crossroads for HALF the price, it made me think me think back to SJ. Naturally, I had to buy it. Ain't no shame. Or, is that creepy?

Regardless, I love it! Since it's a thin, cotton material -- it hugs my bum. Also sometimes shows my underwear. But you know what? I frankly don't give a damn.

And with that, have a kick ass Wednesday!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Scott Wisner