In Disguise

Shirt: Target | Jacket: F21 | Pants: Buffalo for JC Penny | Shoes: H&M IMG_0943








Hi Everyone!

Okay, so i'm feeling WAY better so i'm ready to rock n' roll. Nahm saying? While I was home I went to a good ol' store called JC Penny. Now, I must admit. I was weary. They have a bad rap. Wrap? Rap. Yes. Anyway, I always had a mini panic attack whenever I went to the store because it was insanely OVERWHELMING. Sales everywhere and tons of merchandise on the floor. Not attractive to the consumer, but coming from someone who has had previous experience in's tough. I get it. 

However, I decided to give it another go and well...I was surprised. Pleasantly, of course. The company completely overhauled their merchandise and inventory and has turned their presence around. From lines like MNG by Mango, Betseyville, Joe Fresh, Levi's, etc. it's definitely taken a turn for the better.

Thus, this is where these killah camo pants come in! I LOVE THEM. The zipper, the skinny feel, the ankle skimming length. Ugh. I died. And for $30. Holla. 

Anyway, I borrowed my friend and co-worker's Jeep for an impromptu photo shoot and well, here I am. Also makes me desperately want a car in this city. Muni, get on my level. Or the 45's. Or 41's. 38, you are dead to me.

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer